Types of Windows

Windows have a very important role in the interior design of any building.  Most of all, the building must have proper orientation to the sun. One of the biggest advantages of the windows is the low cost on heating and cooling bills. Well, it pretty much depends on how much you want to spend for windows and, respectively for housing bills. Observing these conditions, the choice of windows for your home or office will become much easier. There are many types and it`s advisable to know at least partially, their main characteristics.

Transparent or as it is known – float glass- was first developed in 1959 by Alastair Pilkington. It is the most common product in the modern glass industry, and has achieved such popularity thanks to the float – model glass. The production and sales of new types of windows are the most preferred option among the customers nowadays.

The windows are made in a way, where a molten glass table is placed in a bath using a special technology. The bath is filled with molten lead, which is gradually cooled. Thus, the glass becomes extremely smooth and without any significant traits. These features are due precisely to its production method.

Low-emission or K – glass is another type of the most popular and used glass. It`s a transparent, high-quality float glass – which has a coating on the ionized layer on a side. Actually, it`s a metal oxide, and this type of coating is called titanium. Low-E glass significantly improves the thermal insulation by trapping heat inside.

It also reduces heat loss through the window by more than 60%. When installing a single glass, the specialists do not recommend the use of low-e glass. But overall placement of K-glass is recommended by many companies, specialized in windows produce. It minimizes the risk of having condensation, as the coefficient of thermal reaches the level, set by the PVC profiles.