Choosing windows for a home

There are many options for choosing the perfect type of windows for our homes.

In order to ease your choice, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Which are better: plastic, aluminium, wooden or steel windows?

* Plastic (PVC) windows are the cheapest alternative for your home windows, due to their price and minimum maintenance. Quality plastic windows could be kept in a great shape for decades to come, before you replace them with the next generation of sophisticated windows. If you do not like the white colour, you have many choices – for example wood imitation colour or another. It`s a matter of and aesthetics after all.

The problem with this type of windows could be the limitations, given by the providers, in terms of dimensions and weights of the open elements of the windows. Be considerate with the offers you get by the sellers. Pay particular attention to the most important part of the procedure described in the offer window: type points and lock hardware, and type of reinforcement, used in the profiles. Do not underestimate the type of installation – the number of anchors or joinery details, used for the shape of the windows and the perimeter around them.

The aluminium windows are extremely durable and strong

* The aluminium windows are suitable for homes with modern design and they are used for homes with large glazed elements. Support is hardly necessary, as long as it is made with good quality system and by a well established manufacturer. There are no restrictions for the colours, used for such frames. The wishes of the designers about the size and type of opening could be also justified. Sometimes the choice of such windows is mainly a question of prestige and opportunity.

The steel windows are used for large windows and they are practically stainless.

* The steel frames, used for windows are dedicated for connoisseurs, with regard to their application for homes. Their price on the market is significantly higher than the best aluminium and plastic windows. In some cases, the steel frames remain without an alternative – because they are made from stainless steel and they appeared to be suitable for large windows and very serious opening units.