About the Choice of Good Windows

Aging wooden windows and frames no longer meet your increased demands for better heat and sound insulation. You may need to replace them with new, more modern and better.

The market offers a wide variety of manufacturers, types and systems profiles and glazing at different prices. It is difficult for customers to navigate without knowing some basic things.

Firstly, you should choose the type of windows.

The advantages of the wooden windows are that the wood is a natural material, ecological, declining in most heat transfer. The type and variety of colours: cherry, ash, oak, pine, provide comfort, warmth and style to your home. But to fulfill the high requirements for better windows, the manufacturer must have the finest types of wood, treated by special technology, so as to exclude deformations during operation.

There is a widespread opinion that the plastic windows are the best option for renewal of the old wooden frames. Plastic is an organic material and, if not met high standards of composition and processing of the material, there is danger after some time that the frames significantly alter its original form under the influence of climatic conditions and improper maintenance.

In recent years, aluminium had become worldwide as one of the basic materials for the production of doors for residential, and especially for public buildings. According to experts, the aluminium windows are best for European climate, featuring in recent years to a very high temperature range. Over time, the aluminium does not change its appearance, non-toxic, fire – and also an earthquake-resistant. Easily maintained, and the mechanical damages or scratches could be easily repaired. There is variety of profiles with thermal insulating qualities. Aluminium windows allow the implementation of various architectural structures for winter gardens, curtain walls and structural.
Last but not least, the choice of windows has its decent price.

 The value of each element of the windows is determined by the type of material, size of opening, accessories and many other details to be specified, when ordering. Usually if it`s announced a lower price, this may be at the expense of poor materials and accessories. Unfortunately, the majority of the flaws appear only during operation. In that case we like to say, that we`re not too rich to buy chaper.